Market Days Are Coming To An End For 2015


Name the Product

Stupendous innovations need to be given a worthy name.

And so it has been given! Sam Marie won our Facebook contest. The name of the new simple syrup is Nillaberrylime.

This gorgeous nectar brings your inner child out to play. Vanilla, blackberry and lime blow a kiss to you with every pour. Cocktails and pancakes get ready for this one!

Farmer's Market

Come out and see us every Saturday at the Hereford Farmer's Market. The last day for market is October 31. Get in some early trick or treating and enjoy the festivities with us. The Official Taste Tester will grace us with his pressence. We will be slinging sauces in Sesame Street garb. Keeping it saucy!

Market Sale

Head on over to Hereford Farm Market on October 31 and for every $20 you spend receive discount of 15%. Enjoy the savings.

Last Month

Thank you to all of our new & repeat customers. We are always open for suggestions on how we can improve. Drop us a line and tell us what you think.

Coming Soon

On Saturday, October 10, 2015 we will be releasing 3 new products to tantalize your taste buds. Please welcome 2 glorious seasonals Pear & Fig Preserve and Cranberry Preserve. Warm yourself with a sweet pear and a drunken fig. We will not allow your holiday table to be graced with a perfectly shaped log of cranberry sauce. Instead, try a scoop of fresh cranberries, crisp lime and herbaceous rosemary. Autumn is truly upon us!

The fourth and final addition to our seasoning range is on it's way to a grill near you. The Smokehouse Barbeque Rub is in the works. We may have it for this Saturday. Perfection is what we strive for and sometimes it doesn't always come when you want it. Keep your fingers crossed and your grills ready.

There are plenty of ideas rolling around in the noggin of the Saucier. With the opening of market season 2016 expect new and exciting things.

How To Get More Saucy

  • Did you make something amazing with the Saucier Willy products that you purchased? Go to our facebook and post a pic of your magnificent creation.
  • Head on over to and review your favorite goodies.

Almost There

The question that we have heard burning our ears every Saturday morning will be answered soon. You will be able to purchase our lovely items on our website shortly. We do not have a definite date as of yet. A newsletter announcing the launch will be in your email when you are able to put your favorites in your shopping cart. Stay tuned for more info!


Concoction Chronicles

Follow us on Facebook to see what's going on in the kitchen. Concotion Chronicles is a series of interesting happenings in our everday life. A blog of the same name will appear on our website after market season.

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