Canna Coconut Oil (Crockpot)

  1. Decarboxylate 28 g of cannabis. *We recommend grinding before you decarb.
  2. Grind in a blender. Course, not fine. Wrap Cannabis in a double layer of cheesecloth. *This will make straining and cleanup easier. Freeze the cannabis for two to three hours *Freezing is up to you. then place the cannabis in a slow cooker on low with 400 ml of organic coconut oil. 
  3. Cook for four-five hours stirring occasionally, turn off heat and let it cool for one hour. 
  4. Remove the cannabis and squeeze the coconut oil out of the cheesecloth by twisting it. *If you have a press, use it! Cool down to room temperature before storing in the fridge. Store for as long as the coconut oil is good for. Coconut oil has a long shelve life, around two years.
  • This is a very potent recipe if you use all bud. You could use shake and still end up with very potent coconut oil. If you started out with herb that is 14% THC. 1 ml of olive oil will contain 9.8 mg of THC. A little will go along way in your recipes. You could easily scale this recipe down to 3 gr of bud or 6 gr of sugar shake to 400 ml of coconut oil. You would end up with 1.05 mg of THC to 1 ml of coconut oil. 5 ml equals a teaspoon and would contain 5.25 mg of THC. 3 gr of bud is 3000 mg time's 14 % THC content, which equals 420 mg of THC divided by 400 ml of coconut oil. Check out my YouTube channel or my website for instructional videos on how to make Canna Oil. 28,000 ml times 14% THC equals 3920 mg of THC divided by 400 ml of coconut oil equals 9.8 mg. of THC to one ml of oil.

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