Kissable Topical

Life is so fast paced we forget the little things. There’s nothing like wanting some bedroom fun and being in achy pain. Warm up that special someone with a rubdown of luxurious cocoa and some sweet kisses. Or prepare for a spontaneous evening with some sweet kissable skin. Sometimes we just need “a little bit of tenderness”!

-Saucy Mama

Yield: 8 ounces


60ml mct/liquid coconut oil

3.5 ounces cocoa butter

2 teaspoons glycerin

1 teaspoon agave nectar

½ teaspoon liquid sunflower lecithin

Medicate It

Use a highly potent Cannaoil, cannabis glycerite, infused honey or agave. Try some Maui Pineapple CBG Oil today!


To customize your topical, add 15-30 drops of any single or a combination of essential oils. Refer to the culinary herbs and terpenes page to get some ideas what to use.

Throw all your ingredients into an herbal infuser with an immersion blender and a minimum capacity of 1 cup. Set it to the lowest heat setting and run for 1 hour. Double the recipe for infusers with a larger minimum capacity.

To make a whipped topical, place the glass measuring cup in the freezer/refrigerator for 15-30minutes until halfway cooled. Remove from the fridge and blend with an immersion blender until whipped like a body butter. You can also transfer it to a glass or metal bowl and use a hand or stand mixer wo whip it. Transfer to an 8-ounce glass jar and enjoy.

How To

Using a double boiler, (Pyrex measuring cup and a shallow 1- or 2-quart pot) melt the cocoa butter over medium heat for 20 minutes (cocoa butter should never simmer or boil).

While the cocoa butter is melting, in a small bowl/measuring glass, mix with a toothpick glycerin and agave. In another small bowl/glass mix with a toothpick lecithin and oil; add your CO2 distillate, RSO, prepared loose concentrate (decarbed and still warm and pourable) to this mixture and stir until homogenous.

When 20 minutes has elapsed, pour into the cocoa butter the glycerin and oil mixtures. Remove from the stove and use an immersion blender to thoroughly blend the mixture. Let the mixture cool for 10 minutes (if using, add 30 drops of essential oils here). Blend again and transfer to a glass jar, let cool and solidify at room temperature or in the fridge. Store it in the fridge.

When cleaning, use paper towels to wipe out or off any salve from containers and utensils before cleaning with hot soapy water.