FTC Disclaimer

Hi. Will Parks here. I believe in business transparency and I am disclosing that I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases you make using the links provided on this website for their products and services. There are many products and services available to choose from online. If I send you to an outside link know it is with thorough research, personal use and total belief in the products, services, and the company. My goal is to provide you with access to the products that we personally and professionally use and the education with how to use them provided by subscribing at patreon.com/disability and viewing in depth discussions on our regular podcast episodes.

Our footprint in the cannabis and hemp industries is growing and I will be adding affiliate programs that can benefit the customers and patrons of Saucier Willy and disABILITY. Examples of my current affiliate partnerships would include but are not limited to banners for companies such as Potluck Expo and Industrial Hemp Farms LLC. The money earned from affiliate links will allow me to do more research and testing for new methods and ideas for cooking with cannabis, provide funds for new episodes and transcriptions, and allow for new and exciting innovation for the medical cannabis community at large. If you choose to purchase something from my affiliate links, it is greatly appreciated, and I thank you!