Edibles Dosing Math

If your cannabis label list only THCA you must convert it to THC before you begin the dosing calculations.

For example:

  1. 1 gram is 1000mg by weight. A strain has a 20% THCA per gram. 20% of 1000mg is 200mg.
  2. If there is 200mg THCA in 1 gram of flower and you have an eighth of cannabis, the total THCA in your eighth will be 200mg X 3.5 grams of cannabis = 700mg of THCA
  3. To convert THCA to THC multiply your total THCA by 0.88. 700mg X 0.88 = 616mg total THC available to be extracted.
  4. On average 60% of cannabinoids are extracted when making an infused oil or butter. To estimate how much THC would be extracted from your eighth multiply your total THC mg by 0.60. 616mg total THC X 0.60 = 369.6mg.
  5. If you wanted each brownie to contain 10mg of THC per piece divide the total mg of THC by the number of mg that is desired per piece 369.6mg THC / 10 = 36.96 brownies. Round it up to 37 brownies.

There are many online dosage calculators. I like to use the calculator on this website. Try it and see if it works for you or find another if you can’t math when you make your medicine!




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