Crispy Medicated Treats

One of the snacks that are synonymous with cannabis edibles is the Rice Krispy treat. This simple snack is a quick and easy way to medicate on-the-go. Let your imagination run wild with the flavor combinations you can create!

-Saucy Mama


3 tablespoons butter

4 cups mini marshmallows

6 cups puffed rice cereal

1 teaspoon vanilla extract                                


Add any type of mix-ins you like; chocolate chips, sprinkles, chocolate spread, dried fruit etc.

Use wax paper to press the mixture into the pan.

Look for vegan or kosher marshmallows at your local grocery store.

Medicate It

Sub the butter for a high potency cannabutter. A prepared cannabis concentrate, i.e., distillate, can be used to medicate this recipe instead of using cannabutter.

How To

Over low heat, melt butter and marshmallows with the vanilla extract. Add your prepared cannabis product if using and mix well.

Remove from heat and add the puffed rice cereal and stir to coat evenly.

Place wax paper in a 13 x 9 pan coated with cooking spray. Press into pan evenly and cool.

Cut into 1 or 2-inch pieces and enjoy!

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