Keep It Wet Intimacy Oil

This lube was created with the most sensitive people in mind. Just 3 ingredients take you on a trip to pleasure town. Whether with a partner or solo, this lube reduces discomfort and pain, makes penetration vaginally or anally smooth and easy and reduces irritation and dryness with a daily application.

-Saucy Mama

Yield: 3 - 1oz bottle


40 ml MCT Oil

40 ml Grapeseed Oil

40 ml Jojoba Oil



2-1 oz glass dropper or pump bottles

Glass Beaker

Stir Rod or Magnetic stirrer


Silicone Spatula



Infuse the oils with soothing herbs i.e., rose, jasmine, lavender, etc.


Medicate It

Sub the MCT oil for a Cannabis/Hemp infused MCT oil. Try some Maui Pineapple CBG Oil today!

Using an ultrasonic bath, add an eighth of decarbed cannabis/hemp (break up buds by hand to reduce the chlorophyll transfer) to your beaker. If using, add 1 teaspoon of other herbs to the beaker. Add 60ml of MCT oil and place in an ultrasonic bath. Set for 15 minutes and let it run. Strain the herbs from the oil and continue with the recipe.

There are many ways to infuse. Choose the method that suits you.


How To

Place your oils in a beaker and stir to combine.

Bottle and enjoy.