Mixed Berry Compote

Bubbling, fruity goo that is simply sweet, and delicious too! A wonderful compliment to a variety of dishes. 

                                                                                                        -Saucier Willy

Yield: 1 cup


3 cups mixed berries

6 tablespoons white sugar

1/8 teaspoon lemon zest


Sauce pot/pan



Use any combo of berries you want! I went with a blend of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

Use frozen or fresh berries. If using frozen, thaw your berries beforehand. Once thawed, do not use any of the excess liquid. Doing so will only extend the cooking time.

Sub lime zest for lemon zest. 

Medicate It

Use cannabis infused sugar in this recipe. 

How To

Add berries to your pot and cook on medium heat, stirring occasionally. After the berries begin to bubble, you may turn your heat down to a low-medium. 

Continue to stir on occasion to prevent any burning. Once the berries begin to break down after about 15 minutes, add your sugar. 

Mix your sugar with your spatula, continuing to stir on occasion. Your berry mixture will darken and begin to take on a glossy look. 

As more water boils out and evaporates, your berry mixture will begin to thicken.

After about 15 minutes has gone by, or until your desired consistency is reached, turn off the heat.

Add your lemon zest to your compote and stir. Allow to cool to room temperature.

Place your compote into a container and put inside your fridge.