Who is Saucier (saws-yey) Willy?

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Let's face it! Everything in life is better if it is a little spicier, tangier, and saucier! At Saucier Willy's we aim to place the potency of our product in the freshness of the raw ingredients grown, ripened, selected, pounded, chopped, cut and sliced fresh to retain a truly bold flavor. Saucier Willy's dream has always been to create products from the farm and bring them to the palate. With years of experience as a chef from respected establishments such as The Milton Inn, his passion for the savory things in life led him to both his soul-mate and to the birth of Saucier Willy.

Why can't everyone prepare flavorful gourmet meals at home? Our philosophy is "Cooking should be simple!" Using our pantry staples will allow even the most novice home cook the ability to create stunning feasts. The importance of utilizing our local foodshed grants us the opportunity of having premium quality produce. We strive to bring out the natural essence of each ingredient. No additives or preservatives are used in any of our products. 

What's in a name? Just because a product name or category suggests one use, we pride ourselves on breaking the traditional food mold. Every item you bring into your kitchen should have more than one use. Each concoction can be utilized in a variety of ways giving you the most bang for your buck! Saucier Willy is food you can feel good about.