Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

It was around this time last year when I was planning on making the big move to go full-time with my company.  It was months in the planning and I was overly excited about it.  However, some things happened and I ultimately made the decision to start going part time with my “9-5” instead of leaving it completely.  I was initially bummed out, but I knew this wasn’t a failure and only something to learn from and keep moving forward. 

This past week however my stable part-time job vanished and I was left with some decisions.  My situation is unique and hard to explain, so for that reason I won’t dive into the nitty gritty.  I could get another job in a kitchen for part-time and continue doing what I’m doing with my own company.  Anyone in the industry knows that those hours aren’t very friendly, especially if I’m trying to grow something on my own, AND still make time for family. 

Instead I’m going to do one of the scariest, and most intimidating things I’ve ever done.  I’m going to go all in and bet on myself.  This wasn’t an easy decision to come to.  As there are many sacrifices to be made.  The biggest of course is financial.  I’ve never not had a steady job… stemming all the way back from high school.  My anxiety is on a high as well.  Making this work is all I think about… all I dream about.  Best believe I’m going to make this work.  Failure is never an option.  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  As a small business owner, it is very tough to enjoy the highs of the good times, but also stay focused, believe in yourself, and push through the lows.  Negative thoughts love to creep in and crash the party.  Only you can send out those invitations though.  Each time doubt breaks in I get a small sign that reminds me that what I’m doing is the right thing.

So, here I am, 3 years in.  I’ve got a small circle of those in whom I trust and consider family… some are family.  I’ll never be able to explain my immense gratitude to you all.  I’m going in, take a shot for me. 

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Keep the faith. You have a loving family and that’s what really matters. Best wishes for continued success.

Eve Lurie

We believe in you and your company at St. James’ Holiday Festival! Looking forward to working with you and your family again in November.

Lindsey Fox

I know you will succeed!

Robin Chrestenson

Good luck!

David I Silverstein

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