Just as the leaves turn and change with each passing year; we’re annually learning and adapting as a business.

This year has flown by!  We always say that don’t we?  But, here we are with another holiday season upon us.  Which has me already reflecting a bit on how fast the summer came and went, and how the rain hasn’t been a friend to anyone this year.  The plants have even had enough.  Outside events were a gamble more so then ever.  There are a ‘number’ of fees that go in to attending any event.  So, when you’re standing in the rain, your products are getting wet, your labels are being ruined… you have lots of time to think. 

Outside of producing our concoctions, we’ve also dove into cooking classes for medical cannabis patients where we demonstrate recipes using our products.  The recipes are focused on being easy and fun to do, while also centering around proper dosing methods.  Helping others is something I’ve really found extreme joy in doing.  I never imagined myself in a “teaching” type position, but I feel as if I’m filling a void of sorts.  We’re continuing to find our mold being only 3 years in. 

Saucy Mama is always supplying support whenever possible.  With our home life and 2 small boys I’m left with trying to juggle too many things at once.  We love each of our products, however we want to put more focus into your favorite ones!  This in no way means we’ll be saying goodbye to any of them.  We will simply have more of a seasonal focus with special batch releases.  A few of our concoctions are already on a seasonal schedule.  Doing this will also allow us to use more of our local food-shed for ingredient sourcing.  We’re excited with the new change and will continue to ride our wave, and beat to our own drum, as we bring you the best we have to offer.  Thanks for riding with us!

Below is a list of products that will soon be on a “see you soon” basis.

-Castaway Finishing Salt

-Vintage Vine Finishing Salt

-Lemon Pepper Seasoning

-Cranberry Zinger Simple Syrup

-Turkish Delight Simple Syrup

-All spreads (marmalade & preserves)

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I am very interested in the cooking with cannabis classes. Could you please send me a schedule of classes?
Thank you,

Anneli Kelley

I am very interested in the cooking with cannabis classes. Could you please send me a schedule of classes?
Thank you,
Anneli Kelley
443 280 0191

Anneli Kelley

Good morning, I am inquiring about the date and time for the cooking with cannabis class. What is required? And do you have to register?
Thank you, I look foward yo hearing from you.

Deveesha Tillman

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