Family First

Family First

                Spending time with my boys and my wife is the most enjoyable thing in my life. We have wonderful support from all our family members. They bare the heat and cold with us at events and farmer’s markets, help label our bottles and jars, watch our boys when we’re out slangin’ sauce and provide endless advice and counseling. They rock! The success that we achieve is their success as well. Saucier Willy isn’t just about us, it’s about all the family that’s been here since day 1!

                Throughout the summer, we get produce for some of our products from a Certified Naturally Grown farm in Freeland, Maryland, Side By Side Farm. They are our neighbors and that’s the best part! One day this past summer, we got the kids together to help us pick peppers. My son and his cousins had a blast just being with us in the garden. A large grasshopper crashed the party and the kids were enamored. It was fun for me to watch them interact with each other and to get a glimpse of what I do.

I involve them in anything I can. My son, Calum, always wants to go to farmer’s markets. He says, “Daddy, I want to help you sell the hot sauce and the simple syrups!” Who can argue with him? Certainly, not me. He loves to see everyone enjoying his favorite things and loves to hand out samples and assist with purchases. He constantly reminds me that family comes first!        

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Such a heart-warming entry! Your hearts are certainly in the right place and that makes for success!


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