Written By Will Parks - August 19 2020


Cat McGainey
August 23 2020

I am not sure why i started reading this but i didn’t have the time yet could not pull myself away. I love your writing i pride myself on knowing if someone has the IT for writing, i said it before I could not stop reading very interesting.

Wanjiru Chege
August 23 2020

You have echoed many of my sentiments in this post. I have followed you both for the past couple of years and I am always inspired by you. Please keep doing all that you do. Perhaps we can collaborate in the future. Blessings!

August 23 2020

Such a touching, moving, sad in parts, happy in others, and yet hopeful account. I say hopeful because knowing a bit about The Saucier Family, I know how resilient, resourceful and determined despite the odds you can be. I also know and believe in your products, the hot sauces for sure which are a household staple for me! You try telling photographer Keith Garner @ ch3s3 that there will be no more Strawberry Inferno or Devil’s Blood!
I am not sure what is involved with a forum like “ Go Fund Me”, but could that or something similar be an option for immediate stay afloat help? I know it is much deeper than just being able to produce goods and that the entire gamut of things are still looming forces before you – wife’s disability, caretaker duties, as well as role of dad and husband and everything…. being able to single-handedly operate ….the list goes on. I just want to say, be and stay encouraged, and remain vigilant until your turnaround for good time arrives. Your transparency is refreshing at a
time like this

Suzannah Kolbeck
August 23 2020

Being a caregiver in any capacity is draining in the best of times. I hope you are really taking some time, even grabbed in bits during the day, to breathe and care for your own self.

Best of luck to you as you figure out the way ahead. We are all making shifts and doing the best we can – be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend in your situation. <3

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