I like keeping to myself.  Being in the background.  I don’t care about being praised or being congratulated for my work.  I like to keep my head down, and be behind the scenes grinding away.  I’ve been cooking for over a decade now and one thing I enjoyed about being a chef was that I could be in a kitchen, allow my creativity to burst, and not have to deal with anyone.  I learned without the presence of an ego.  I soaked up everything around me.  I watched my older peers cook, techniques they used, how they moved, and even read their body language.  I’m always looking to learn and better my own craft because I’m my own worst critic and will literally beat myself up over it… just ask my wife.  I was tripping over the fact that a complete stranger was actually going to eat something I prepared. 

I worked my way up the ranks of the fine dining establishment, The Milton INN, and my culinary range grew.  I’ve cooked food for over thousands of people at this point.  Everyday people like you and me, athletes, politicians, and celebrities. Servers would come back and tell me “customers have requested to see the chef... they want to thank you for their meal”.  I would always pass on the opportunity.  Not because I don’t enjoy hearing a compliment.  I just simply prefer to be in the background.  A few days after I put my “two weeks” in I was encountered with another request to speak with the chef.  A couple had come in for brunch to celebrate their anniversary and I prepared what they ordered.  It was a rack of lamb cooked medium rare with red wine sauce, alongside a sweet potato mousse and asparagus drizzled with hollandaise.  I figured what the heck, I’ll jump out of my bubble this one time.  I dropped my apron and headed out the swinging door and into the dining area.  The server introduced me as their chef and the couple was dumbfounded.  “You’re the chef?  How old are you?  You look so young!  Thank you for our meal, it was fantastic, etc…”  I get why they were so taken aback.  I’m not a tall/large man by any means and I was 25 at the time.  Having said that, the shock of my age was the best part of the compliment that resonated with me. 

Being the face of Saucier Willy wasn’t an easy thing to do at first.  As I stated before, I don’t want the credit! Lol.  My wife, Saucy Mama, has and continues to break me out of my shell.  If it’s one thing she and I both know, it’s cooking!  That is, after all, how we met.  No joke! I love the days when I get to make products.  I put on my music, get in my zone, and just fall back into my bat cave.  However, I’m now enjoying being face to face with the public and enlightening them on our concoctions and the many ways they can be used.  The long hours add up but it’s worth it.  I’m still working as a chef at La Cakerie in Towson until my dream becomes full time. 

It still amazes me that I now sell a product that I used to love making and eating myself to the public.  It makes me extremely happy to see that people enjoy what I create.  Thank you to everyone who supports us and what we do.  We love you!

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Beautifully written glimpse of the inner man – The Saucier Willy! We are so glad you came out of your shell and that the world is getting to know you and your story!


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