My Love Affair With Tea

My Love Affair With Tea

As far as tea goes, in my house, I am the tea master. Here's a little bit about me and my lifelong love affair with tea and new found love of infused tea! 

My first experience with cannabis tea was a few years ago. I am no stranger to making tea for everything as per my grandmother's instructions and my mother's lessons. Tea is a cultural and necessary tradition in the Virgin Islands. There is not one day that goes by without a cup of tea to soothe one's soul and aching body. I remember my grandmother lugging bags and boxes through the airport when she would come to visit. When we would get home the unpacking would begin. So many things that as a culture were necessary for her "Yankee-Born" grandchildren to experience: soursop, sugar cane, tamarind, guava, guava berries and my personal favorite genips! Unknown numbers of freezer bags with dried herbs labeled with black permanent marker. She would pull one out and explain what it was and what it was for: "Lemongrass for staving off a cold on a rainy day". Each box or bag had treasures from our home.

Preparation was almost ritual with the different methods for each type of herb. She always asks, "Do you want it to just taste good or do something?" These were the simple guidelines in using tea for medicine or tea for food. As my disability progressed, I had less time, dexterity and energy to make infused treats. There was also a need for me to decrease the time of onset of my medication. I thought of my conversation with my cousin years back about how she used the raw leaves with coconut oil in her "bush tea". She told me that it was the fastest way to get any upset belly to calm down. With more than an upset belly to treat I began to think of how to achieve my desired results with jars of infused coconut oil in the fridge.

With a little knowledge from my culinary background, I crafted 2 recipes that I recommend to Maryland Medical Cannabis patients and those outside of the community that need a pick me up from the other ingredients. That first sip of my first infused matcha latte was so tasty and warm, I knew that my day was definitely going to be a little easier. By the time I finished the cup, the matcha was beginning its work at decreasing my inflammation and building my energy reserves. About 20 minutes later, the lovely lump of dark green cannabis coconut oil began to do its work and then my day truly started! It is now one of my favorite ways to medicate. I use it as a supporting herb in my tea. It synergistically acts with other herbs and spices to provide wonderful benefits, but most of all it tastes so good!

Try some in a golden milk latte!

-Saucy Mama (Gwenelle Parks)

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