My love for spicy food came from the nachos that my dad would make for us growing up. He would pile cheese, salsa and jalapenos over tortilla chips and microwave it. Ever since then I was obsessed with capsaicin. As a teenager, I experimented with making hot sauces. It took many attempts through the years to perfect my recipes and technique.

            High school graduation came and went and I was left with the decision about what to do. I decided to go with learning a skill and chose the culinary arts. I enrolled in Yorktowne Business Institute for the Culinary Arts. Upon graduating, I began working at the award winning fine dining establishment The Milton Inn in Sparks, Maryland. This is where my true creativity blossomed.

            My family and friends enjoyed the flavor of my concoctions, but it wasn’t until I met my wife, Gwenelle, that this hobby turned into something real. The first time I let her try my hot sauce she immediately said, “Why don’t you sell this?” I laughed it off and said, “Nah, no way! It’s just something I mess around with for fun.” The thought alone seemed like an unrealistic feat. After Gwenelle’s many motivational kicks to my butt, we finally started what is now Saucier Willy! I am happy we are on this journey as a team.

             Our family is always there for us. Whether it be helping out at events, staying up late with us labeling products and stamping bags, or in the field picking peppers; there they are cheering us on with love and support. Without my wife, our family and nachos none of this would be possible!

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What a lovely post! So glad you guys met and spurred each other on to great works and realizing life passions! Wonderful glimpse into the founding of Saucier Willy! And a nacho sauce indeed would be great!


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