Soothe Me Lozenges

I remember faking to be sick to get the “pink medicine”. My siblings and I thought that this concoction was the best tasting medicine ever and it could cure everything from a cold to a stubbed toe. As an adult, I still long for medicine to be yummy and convenient. There’s no better way to soothe your needs; suck on a lozenge!

-Saucy Mama

Yield: depends on the mold used, if making these into lollipops it should make about sixty


300 grams Saucier Willy’s Lemon Lavender Simple Syrup

400 grams granulated sugar

21 grams local honey

63 grams apple cider

63 grams coconut oil

2 grams lemon zest

1 gram liquid sunflower lecithin

1 gram fine sea salt or kosher salt

Powdered sugar or arrowroot powder


Confectionary funnel or spouted spoon for pouring the lozenge mixture into molds.

Molds (silicone is easier to expel the finished lozenge).

Candy thermometer.

Cellophane candy wrappers for taking your lozenges on the go.


Kitchen scale that can measure as small as 1 gram.


To make the lozenge harder omit the coconut oil and prepare the recipe as instructed

Medicate It

Sub the coconut oil for canna coconut oil.

Or use a prepared cannabis/hemp concentrate i.e., distillate, etc. and add it with the salt, lemon zest and lecithin.

Clean up

Immediately soak your utensils, pans, etc., in hot water to loosen up the hardened mixture.

How To

Get all your equipment and ingredients together.

Weigh the simple syrup, sugar, apple cider and honey in a sauce pot.

Put the pot on medium-high heat and bring to a boil. Swirl occasionally to mix and prevent hot spots.

When the boil is strong and doesn’t diminish when you swirl it is time to add the oil. Add the coconut oil slowly; swirling to mix.

When the syrup reaches 305°F, remove the pot from the heat.

Add lemon zest, salt and liquid sunflower lecithin to the pot (cannabis concentrate should be added here) and whisk until the bubbles and foaming have stopped.

Pour the syrup quickly into your confectioner’s funnel or spouted cup and pour into molds.

After about 30 minutes they should be cool. Wait until they are completely cooled to unmold, toss the lozenges in powdered sugar or arrowroot powder to prevent sticking (use a freezer bag to toss them) and wrap if you desire.

Refrigerate and enjoy!

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