Meet Our Farmers

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Side By Side Farm

"We grow a diverse mix of vegetables and herbs, including staples like carrots and tomatoes, as well as specialty crops such as baby ginger and lemongrass. Our farm uses organic growing practices, and we incorporate permaculture principles into our management of the whole farmstead.  We are located in beautiful Freeland, MD, less than an hour north of Baltimore. We strive to emulate nature’s own elegant soil building systems to produce vibrant and scrumptious food."

We use Side By Side's garlic and heirloom peppers in our year-round products. Check out The Smokehouse Barbeque Rub, Devil's Blood Hot Sauce, The Mongrel Hot Sauce, Orange-Jalapeno Marmalade and Dulce Caliente Preserve.


Shaw Orchards

"For 107 years our family farm has been producing fresh fruits and vegetables. Located on the historic Mason-Dixon line, our farm market offers some of the best quality fruit you'll find anywhere in the country, as well as local produce, jams, jellies, flowers, and canned goods. The orchard is open for pick-your-own strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, cherries, blueberries, and apples."

We use Shaw's strawberries, peaches, blueberries, raspberries in some of our seasonal products. Check out Fig'N'Berry Simple Syrup, Raspberry Vanilla Preserve and Strawberry Inferno Hot Sauce!


Oak Spring Farm

 "Oak Spring Farm is a small, diversified farm in Freeland, Maryland in northern Baltimore County.  Located just 5 miles off I83, the farm is easily accessible from Baltimore City, Baltimore, Carroll and Harford counties as well as southern PA.

We are primarily a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm.  Our mission at Oak Spring Farm is to provide our family and our community with organic, delicious, nutritious vegetables and humanely raised eggs.

We are committed to teaching our children and the community how living sustainably with great respect for the environment improves the quality of our lives."

We use Oak Spring Farm's garlic, peppers and onions in our year-round products. Check out The Smokehouse Barbeque Rub and Dulce Caliente Preserve

Wild Peace Farm

"Wild Peace Farm is a small, certified organic vegetable farm located in Freeland, MD.  We grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables.  We're working to provide fresh, nutritious food for our community in a way that's harmonious with the natural world around us. 

It's important to us to farm without the use of toxic pesticides or herbicides, without GMOs, and without a dependence on chemical fertilizers. We minimize our use of even organic pesticides; instead, we prefer to manage insect pests with physical barriers like row covers. This year we had success using parasitic wasps to help control bean beetles, so in the future we will experiment with using other beneficial insects.  We increase soil health with crop rotation, cover crops, organic soil amendments, and compost. Weed control is achieved with straw mulch, re-usable plastic ground cover, and mechanical and manual cultivation. We would be happy to talk to you about any of our farming practices if you're interested!

We are just beginning the exciting journey of building a vibrant, resilient, and efficient farm and are thankful to our community and customers for your support."

We use Wild Peace Farm's heirloom peppers in our year-round products. Check out The Smokehouse Barbeque Rub and Dulce Caliente Preserve.

Fiore Winery

"At Fiore Winery, discover the flavors of Maryland's Harford County, grown to perfection in our La Felicetta Vineyard and bottled with nearly twenty generations of Italian winemaking tradition."

We use Fiore's Cabernet Sauvignon in our Vintage Vine Finishing Salt!

Danehower Apiaries

"A most unique honeycomb. Honey bees build the honeycomb right in the serving tray. It is a very delicate honeycomb (comb honey). Untouched by human hands. A thing of beauty!

"Gathered from flowers in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Unaltered during producing or packing,"   Herman Danenhower.

We use Danehower's honeycomb in our Citrus Honeycomb Marmalade

Charm City Meadworks

"Charm City Meadworks was born out of a love of adventure and learning.

Co-owner James Boicourt began keeping bees in college where he took graduate-level entomology classes. When his hives produced way more honey than excepted, he decided to try to use some of the excess honey to make alcohol. The experiment worked and a hobby was born.

After college, James’s love for the water led him to a job at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, where he met fellow brew enthusiast and future co-owner Andrew Geffken. Andrew had been working environmental consultant desk-jobs, but dreamed of starting a brewing business.

One day Andrew tried some of James’s mead. Working together, what started as a hobby (something served at an annual Viking party) quickly became a full-fledged business. It turns out that the oldest alcoholic beverage in history is still relevant, and more importantly, delicious.

Abandoning engineering and sustainability jobs to work a lot more for a lot less (but have a great time doing it!), James and Andrew launched Baltimore City's only meadery in early 2014. Ever since, they've been movin' and brewin'. Charm City and the nectar of the gods are a match made in heaven."

We use Charm City Meadworks' mead in our Lemon Lavender Simple Syrup and Raspberry Vanilla Preserve.

Purple Rain Lavender Farm

"Purple Rain Lavender Farm, LLC is a family-owned, sustainable lavender farm in beautiful Harford County in the town of Churchville, Maryland.  Situated minutes from I-95, the farm is centrally located near the communities of Bel Air, Havre De Grace, and Aberdeen.  Purple Rain Lavender Farm is owned by locals Tom and Pam Fry.  The farm has had a rich history since 1962 of raising horses and farm crops. In 2007, Tom, Pam, and their children moved to the family farm and began sharing in the duties of her parents small farm, raising horses, and harvesting hay.  Over the past nine years the Fry family has fostered the love for horses and animals started by her grandparents and parents over the past 50 years. During the years of caring for horses the family found lavender to provide benefits for their animals and reduced the insect pests around the barn.  Today, Purple Rain Lavender Farm is a fledgling lavender farming business, with horses, goats, chickens, dogs and cats roaming the farm.  We hope to carry on the family love of farming in the rich soils of Northeastern Harford County sharing a love for a heritage plant that has brought so much benefit and calm to the people and pets on Purple Rain Lavender Farm."


We use Purple Rain Lavender Farm's lavender in our Lemon Lavender Simple Syrup.

As we expand our scrumptious product lines, you will see more lovely ingredients from these beautiful farmers!